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Dependability. Expandability. Performance. Our environmental drilling rigs will help you adapt to changing roles whether you’re focused on environmental or geotechnical work. We specialize in cutting-edge environmental drilling services. Our experienced team employs state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to support site assessments, soil sampling, and groundwater investigations. We’re committed to maintaining the highest environmental standards, ensuring minimal impact on ecosystems. From direct-push drilling to hollow-stem auger drilling, our diverse capabilities cater to diverse project needs. Count on us for reliable, eco-conscious drilling solutions, fostering a sustainable environment.

the pacific west way

Our environmental drilling services are renowned for their commitment to preserving and protecting the delicate ecosystems of the USA. With a deep understanding of the unique environmental challenges faced by this vast and diverse area, Pacific West employs state-of-the-art drilling techniques and equipment to minimize the ecological footprint of our operations.

Our drills

Pacific West’s fleet of late model drilling equipment is some of the newest in the industry.  Utilizing a new fleet and combining it with an extensive preventative maintenance program we maximize uptime on projects and minimize interruptions on your projects. Pacific West fleet consists of truck and track mounted CME and Geoprobe Drills.

our specialties

  • Direct Push (Probe) Drilling

  • Dual Tube Sampling System

  • Hollow-Stem Auger Drilling with Continuous Sampling

  • Solid-Stem (Flight) Drilling

  • Monitoring Well Installation and Abandonment
  • Injection Well Installation and Abandonment
  • Vapor Extraction Well Installation and Abandonment
  • Monitoring Well Development
  • Sub-Slab Sampling
  • Shelby Tube Sampling
  • Split Spoon Sampling
  • Surface Pavement Coring

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SAFETY always

pacific west has an unyielding commitment to maintaining the highest operational and safety standards.

Our Award-Winning Safety Record

We received the 2023 Highwire Gold Safety Award for our safety record. We are also the recipient of the Charles A. Caine Award for Workplace Safety by the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah for “outstanding safety achievement over a three-year period.”