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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Pacific West is a renowned leader in facilities construction services: from constructing state-of-the-art projects to creating robust building foundations, concrete jacking pads, and pedestrian bridges. With a focus on structural excellence, Pacific West specializes in precast concrete railroad bridges, which not only ensure durability but also support the efficient movement of goods and passengers. Our expertise even extends to the construction of pre-engineered metal buildings, providing versatile and cost-effective solutions for a variety of applications.

lead and excel

Pacific West has emerged as a distinguished leader in providing comprehensive facilities infrastructure services, offering a wide array of solutions that cater to the needs of diverse industries and organizations. One of the cornerstones of our infrastructure services is our expertise in facility management and maintenance. We excel in the upkeep and optimization of various types of facilities, including commercial buildings, industrial complexes, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in preventive maintenance, ensuring that facilities operate at peak efficiency, thereby minimizing downtime and reducing operational costs.

green building

Pacific West has a strong commitment to sustainability in our infrastructure services. We understand the importance of environmentally responsible practices in today’s world and actively integrate green building principles and energy-efficient technologies into their projects. Whether it’s retrofitting existing structures to be more eco-friendly or constructing new structures with sustainability in mind, Pacific West helps clients reduce their environmental footprint while enhancing operational efficiency.

our scope of work includes:

  • Building foundation
  • Concrete jacking pads
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Precast concrete railroad bridges
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Structural concrete

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SAFETY always

pacific west has an unyielding commitment to maintaining the highest operational and safety standards.

Our Award-Winning Safety Record

We received the 2023 Highwire Gold Safety Award for our safety record. We are also the recipient of the Charles A. Caine Award for Workplace Safety by the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah for “outstanding safety achievement over a three-year period.”