Hydro Power

Hydro excavation (potholing) has become a popular alternative to traditional excavation methods. Our excavators make use of a pressurized water and vacuum system to quickly and skillfully remove large amounts of soil from areas that require excavating. Pacific West has the equipment and experience to assist clients to complete such excavation projects and avoid costly delays. This non-destructive method minimizes the risk of damaging utility lines or underground structures, making it ideal for projects where accuracy and safety are paramount. Our trained technicians use this eco-friendly approach for various applications, including utility locating, trenching, and daylighting.

accurate excavation

This approach results in minimal interruption to nearby infrastructure. The water pressure easily cuts through tough grass to soften and vacuum up soil and expose utilities or structures being searched fo​​r, eliminating the need to make use of heavy equipment to achieve the same outcome. Our team of experienced operators use handheld pressurized wands to skillfully maneuver around potential obstacles, ensuring that excavations are completed accurately while posing little risk to people or the envi​ronment.

quick & convenient

Hydro excavation is a quick and convenient option for excavation projects that demand accuracy and efficiency. Pacific West has the equipment and experience to assist clients to complete such excavation projects and avoid costly delays.

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Our excavators utilize a suction excavator that produces powerful suction through a wide pipe which is up to 30 centimetres (1 ft) or so in diameter. The suction inlet air speed may be up to 100 metres per second (220 mph). Its construction is somewhat like a vacuum truck (gully emptier) but with a wider suction hose and a more powerful suction. We know that our clients need to complete projects on time and without incident.  The Pacific West team is ready to assist you with your next excavation project.


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pacific west has an unyielding commitment to maintaining the highest operational and safety standards.

Our Award-Winning Safety Record

We received the 2023 Highwire Gold Safety Award for our safety record. We are also the recipient of the Charles A. Caine Award for Workplace Safety by the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah for “outstanding safety achievement over a three-year period.”